GT's Pipe Tobacco

Created with a special high quality loose tobacco that is blended and aged to perfection, GT's Pipe Tobacco delivers an exceptional smoke experience that is unique and fulfilling rich, with a slow satisfying burn that doesn’t render a harsh finish. Offered here at our online tobacco store, GT’s Pipe Tobacco can be used in various ways, smoked straight in a pipe, packed inside your favorite brand of rolling paper or infused into the famed Gambler smoking tubes. Whatever is your smoking preference, GT’s Pipe Tobacco is priced perfectly as a smoker’s best friend.

Each pouch of GT's Pipe Tobacco are available at our online tobacco store in unique styles to choose from. Full Flavor, Light, and Menthol.

Our online pipe tobacco store offers great deals and inexpensive ways to save money on over-prices retail brands. GTO Pipe Tobacco can be the right choice for your smoking needs. Here at Smokers Discounts we’ve made it easy and affordable to buy pipe tobacco online. Call us for more details!