Red Cap Pipe Tobacco

Created with fine aromatic Virginia, burley, and other premium air-cured tobaccos, Red Cap Pipe Tobacco continues a long tradition of satisfying sophisticated smokers dating back more than 95 years. Red Cap Pipe Tobacco offers two distinctive high quality loose tobacco mixtures, the Regular Blend is a full-bodied blend of aromatic Virginian and Burley tobaccos. Red Cap Blend #7 builds upon the Regular Blend by adding just a hint of exotic Cavendish. Red Cap Pipe Tobacco is ribbon cut rather than a shag as are most roll your own tobaccos and can be used to blend with other loose tobaccos, smoked with a pipe or filled in a Gambler or Hot Rod smoking tube. Try Red Cap Pipe Tobacco today and have a truly unique smoking experience.

Red Cap Tobacco is produced and distributed nationwide by National Tobacco Louisville, KY USA. Each pouch of Red Cap Pipe Tobacco are available at our online tobacco store in unique styles to choose from. Available in Red Cap #7 (Smooth), and Regular Blend. 

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