Smokin Joes Filtered Cigars

Smokers Discounts has been offering the Smokin Joes brand since back when we first started in 2003. Smokin Joes Filtered Cigars have a long and distinctive history of providing high-quality tobacco smokes to loyal fans who love an all-natural filtered little cigar and a discount price. Made from the finest infused tobacco blends packed inside an all-natural high-grade tobacco leaf, each of these Smokin Joes Filtered Cigars are capped off with an extra long filter that once ignited, allows for a slow elegant burn giving off a rich full-bodied flavor and aroma that is true to traditional smokes.

Smokin Joes Filtered Cigars are distributed nationwide by Smokin Joes in Lewiston, New York USA. Each of these discount filtered cigars are available at our online tobacco store in unique styles to choose from.

The Perfect Everyday Smoke - Smokin Joes! Switching to filtered little cigars is a great way to save money in an over-priced world. Here at Smokers Discounts we believe you should too! We’ve made it easy and affordable to buy filtered cigars online. Call us for more details!