Tabak Especial Cigars by Drew Estate

Tabak Especial Cigars by Drew Estate
Tabak Especial is a top selling coffee infused cigar line produced by Drew Estate. Each of these cigars are hand-crafted using Nicaraguan tobaccos blended with the essences of rich coffee flavors. Tabak Especial’s come in two unique wrapper styles, Dulce & Negra. The Dulce uses a light brown Connecticut Shade that offers a mild and smooth tasting smoke, while the Negra is wrapped in a dark rich Maduro broadleaf producing a more robust spicier note to each smoke.

Tabak Especial by Drew Estate are hand-rolled premium cigars that make an excellent choice for any cigar connoisseur. Smokers Discounts has made it easy and affordable to buy premium cigars online. A variety of sizes and flavors are listed below at our discount online cigar store. Each of these styles are in stock and available. Call us for more details!
Tabak Especial Corona Dulce Cigars
Price: $163.99
In Stock
Tabak Especial Robusto Dulce
Price: $180.99
Out of Stock
Tabak Especial Robusto Negra
Price: $187.99
In Stock
Tabak Especial Toro Dulce
Price: $196.99
In Stock