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Zig-Zag Filter Tubes

Zig-Zag Filtered Tubes

For over 130 years, the Zig-Zag brand has continued its long track record and huge market presence around the world. Produced in France, Zig-Zag has perfected the craft of making superior smoking papers using natural flax plant fibers, which provide strength, fineness and a slow burn. 

The Zig-Zag line of filter tubes are of outstanding quality with no paper taste of any kind. When you injected your favorite brand of tobacco into these unique filtered tubes, prepare for an enhanced smoking experience of great taste and flavors that only Zig-Zag Filter Tubes can offer! 

Start tubing with Zig-Zag filter tubes and save money over the high cost of retail stores brands. At Smokers Discounts we’ve made it easy and affordable to buy tobacco products online. Call us for more details!

Zig-Zag Filter Tubes Light (Blue)
Price: $21.49
In Stock
Zig-Zag Filter Tubes Original (Red)
Price: $21.49
In Stock