Gambler Filtered Tubes

Gambler Filtered Tubes are made with the highest quality cigarette paper on the ryo tobacco market. These filtered tubes burn so consistent you simply cannot make a better choice! Fill them up with your favorite roll your own tobacco and get a faster, easier fill and better taste with an experience of a one of a kind smoke. 

Offered in both 100’s and the king size, Gambler filtered tubes pair up together perfectly with any of the fine quality roll your own tobacco products Smokers Discounts offers here online. Gambler filtered tubes are specially constructed to pack just right with any roll your own tobacco, providing a smooth draw, allowing the flavor of the tobacco to stand out. Every Gambler filtered tube comes in 200-count boxes. 

Forget about retail stores, break out your finest roll your own tobacco, and start tubing today! Here at Smokers Discounts we’ve made it easy and affordable to buy roll your own tobacco products online. Call us for more details!