American Club Pipe Tobacco

American Club Pipe Tobacco is a unique brand that combines cask aged Virginia and Kentucky burleys to create a classic American blend loose tobacco. Offered here at our online tobacco store, American Club Pipe Tobacco is value-priced perfectly for those smokers who like to roll their own, inject this premium tobacco into their favorite smoking tubes or simply smoke it straight with a pipe. American Club Pipe Tobacco gives little to no bite, with a very light and mellow flavor producing a nice aroma with a smooth finish. Whatever your smoking preference is, American Club Pipe Tobacco is a high quality loose tobacco that’s made just right for any smoking occasion.

American Club Pipe Tobacco is distributed nationwide by Lake Erie Tobacco Company, Cattaraugus, NY USA. American Club is available at our online tobacco store in unique styles to choose from. Currently available in Menthol flavor.

Choosing rolling or making your own tobacco smokes with American Club Pipe Tobacco is a great alternative to expensive and over-priced retail brands. Here at Smokers Discounts we’ve made it easy and affordable to buy rolling tobacco online. Call us for more details!