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How To Properly Smoke A Cigar

There’s nothing quite like puffing on a cigar. Cigars can invigorate special occasions and mark celebrations, help us unwind after a long week, and allow us to appreciate and savor the sensation of pure earthy flavor. Whatever the occasion, there’s no reason to deny the pleasure that a carefully-selected cigar can bring. Though many may not admit it, some people avoid the experience for lack of knowledge about how to select a cigar and don’t want to appear uninformed. For this very reason, we’ve prepared a quick, useful infographic with all the essential cigar-choosing and using fundamentals. You’ll learn what to look for during selection, how to inspect a cigar for imperfections, how to cut and light, and best practices for enjoying the puff itself. We also threw in a few bonus tips to avoid the novice’s most common issues. Sit back, relax, and puff-assured!