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10 Drinks That Pair With A Premium Cigar

10 Drinks That Pair With A Premium Cigar

Karl – Smokers Discounts
November 26, 2019

Understanding your options is the first step when pairing the right premium cigar with your favorite spirit drink.

It’s not always easy trying to decide a good drink paring with a fine cigar. There has been a long history of enthusiasts dating back generations, who enjoy an evening pleasure of a premium cigar along with glass of high quality scotch or whisky. Coffee, wine, and beer has also moved into the fashion giving a wide range of options for all types of occasions for fans everywhere to choose from.

Different drinks can complement the taste of a good premium cigar. If you’re having a full-bodied spirit, it best to match it with a full bodied cigar so the drink does not overpower the smoke. It’s best to try pairings that work in harmony with each other. Here at Smokers Discounts, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular alcohol drinks, like cognac, scotch, whiskey, and rum, along with an offering of our choice of premium cigar brands we feel pairs up great and help make your decision a little easier.

Unwind and relax and let’s take your favorite drink and fine premium cigar to the next level of enjoyment.

10. Beer – Light & Dark

Amber Pale Ale, usually brewed light-to-medium bodied with a malty flavor with a light copper to light brown color range.




Our Cigar Paring Choice (Light Beer)
Ashton Classic Series
, are created with tobaccos that are aged three to four years infused with binders and fillers from the Dominican Republic and rolled up to perfection inside a golden Connecticut shade wrapper. Each are light brown natural in color, mild to medium in strength.


Dark Lager or Stout, a dark brown beer that had been made with roasted malts to give it that dark coffee colour, but delivering a sweet taste.




Our Cigar Paring Choice (Dark Beer)
Oliva Serie V, produced with a smooth complex blend of aged Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos crafted with a dark and oily Habano Sun Grown Wrapper. Medium to full bodied in strength. 



9. Coffee Drinks

No two coffee drinkers are alike, coffee offers complex blends of different flavors and aromas. Coffee lovers have their own style of how they like theirs prepared. For the sake of being long winded, we’re going to keep this one simple.


Our Cigar Paring Choice (Light Roast For Mild Cigars)
Montecristo White Series, are handmade cigars light brown in color, mild to medium in strength. Created with perfect blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers, rolled up inside Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Our Cigar Paring Choice (Dark Roast For Strong Cigars)
Oliva Serie V Melanio, produced with carefully aged Jalapa blended Nicaraguan tobaccos, carefully rolled inside an Ecuadorian Sumatra-Seed wrapper. Medium to full bodied in strength, rich and robust in flavor. 



8. Kahlua Style Drinks

Just like coffee drinks, there are many variations you can choose from that go great with a premium cigar. Black or White Russian, Nutty Irishman and the classic Mud Slide.



Our Cigar Paring Choice
Rocky Patel Java Maduro, are a dark brown premium cigars infused with flavors of mocha and coffee with hints of dark chocolate expresso. Mild to medium in strength, each are handmade with complexed mixtures of Nicaraguan binders and long-filler tobaccos packed inside a dark and oily chocolate-brown Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. 


7. Tequila

Moderately full-bodied made from the blue agave plant. A good tequila is very sweet and smooth with little alcohol taste. The oak barrel aging process gives tequila that dry well rounded finish. A staple for any Happy Hour! Sip it, shoot it, or mix it! 
Suggested paring drinks: Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Bloody Aztec, Mojito Blanco and Vampiro.

Our Cigar Paring Choice
CAO LA Traviata, are hand-rolled cigars full-bodied, mild in strength. The Naturals are wrapped in an Ecuadoran Havana tobacco leaf, the Maduro’s, a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Inside you’ll discover a robust smoking experience from aged Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, and Cameroon binders that make up these elegant smoking gems.


6. Martini

There are so many different styles and flavors that make up a good martini. Whether you enjoy vodka or gin with yours, one thing is for certain, these drinks contain lots of alcohol and we believe they pair very well with a high quality premium cigar. 



Our Cigar Paring Choice
H. Upmann 1844 Reserve, are handmade produced in the Dominican Republic. Light brown in color, mild in strength crafted with a perfect blend of aged Dominican fillers and Nicaraguan binders to add a bit of spiciness to the taste. Top all this off with an elegant Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper and you have a great cigar that produces a delightful and satisfying smoke.


5. Rum

When paring rum with a fine cigar always look for words like "Aged", "Añejo", or "Viejo". Flavored or spiced rums and white rums Captain Morgan and Bacardi don’t favor as well and should be avoided when joining with a premium cigar.



Our Cigar Paring Choice
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol, are hand-rolled comprised entirely of 100% Sun Grown tobaccos. "Puro Sol" in Spanish means "pure sun". Mellow in strength with a medium brown color, these premium cigars offer traces of spicy caramel and almonds providing an exception smoke that’s well balance and flavorful.


4. Wine

An excellent wine partnered with a premium cigar can be incredibly gratifying. With such a vast selection of choices, wine can provide a near endless pairing with your favorite cigar brand. What’s great about this combination? There are no rules, but Red and White wines are different. Red usually pairs well with medium-to-full bodied smokes, as White wines seem to work best with a cigar that’s on the mild-to-medium lighter side. Whichever you prefer is fine with us, so light up your cigars and pop those corks!


Our Cigar Paring Choice (Red Wine)
CAO Italia, are premium cigars handmade with rich-tasting Honduran Habano seed binders and fillers from Nicaragua and Peru packed nicely inside a Colorado Maduro wrapper. Each of the different styles of these cigars offers a medium to full-bodied smoke that’s robust in flavor, sweet and smooth on the draw.

Our Cigar Choice (White Wine)
Arturo Fuente Hemingway Series, are handmade cigars each produced with aged mild to medium tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, highlighted with a delicate West African Cameroon wrapper. 



3. Bourbon/Scotch

Whether you want a whisky made in Scotland, or bourbon made in the U.S.A, both make a perfect match to go with a high-quality premium cigar. If you prefer a sweeter taste, I suggest Bourbon, but if you tend to lean towards a more intense smoky flavored drinks then use Scotch. Some classic Bourbon cocktails that go great with a fine cigar, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Mint Julep, and Whiskey Sour. Our choice for great Scotch cocktails, Rusty Nail, Rob Roy and The Godfather.


Our Cigar Paring Choice
Perfecto Garcia, make an excellent premium cigar choice for this pairing. Produced in Nicaragua, and just a little over mild in strength, with a rich flavored Ecuadorian tobacco leaf wrapped around a unique blend of fillers and binders from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.


Our Cigar Paring Choice 
Rocky Patel Vintage Series 1990, a fan favorite among premium cigar connoisseurs. Medium-bodied, highlighted with a 12-year-old Honduran Broadleaf wrapper on the outside, blended tobaccos from Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua on the inside.

2. Cognac 

Life for a good cognac first begins as fermented grape juice, where the alcohol from grapes through a long and complicated process eventually turns into wine. Although cognac has a unique taste similar to brandy, its content is different and offers exclusive flavor sensations not found in other types of brandies. It is important when choosing a good brand of cognac, that the origin of the drink should be a grape-based brandy preferably from western France or the Cognac region. Think of the same approach you would use when choosing a good tequila. Name and brand origin/location is key. With distinctive flavors to try, such as spice, fruity, sweet, or bitter, cognac is often the first drink that comes to mind when paring with a high-quality premium cigar. 


Our Cigar Paring Choice 
La Aroma De Cuba, are considered a fan favorite with medium-bodied cigar smokers and match-up particularly well with nice glass of cognac. Each style of these premium cigars are handcrafted with complex blends of aged Nicaraguan long-fillers and binders carefully wrapped inside a Cuban seed, Mexican San Andres Broadleaf.


1. Whiskey

We have found that of all the spirits to pair up with a premium cigar, whiskey seems to be the best match. It is always a good idea to do some research first and try out a variety of cigars and whiskeys to find what works best for you. Find your balance and explore these whisky and cigar worlds before you try to bring them together. Sample different brands and find what flavor best pleases you. Some helpful hints, a good whiskey and a fine cigar are designed to be enjoyed slowly. Both are crafted with a lot of care and attention, and both deserve your time and appreciation. 


Our Cigar Paring Choice
Ashton (VSG) Virgin Sun Grown, are handcrafted premium cigars produced from super high grade Sumatra seeds on a private estate in Ecuador. What makes this gems so unique, each tobacco plant is grown under the region’s natural cloud cover that serves as a delicate sunlight filter. Once harvest, the Dominican tobaccos used for the binders and fillers are hand-selected from the finest plants and aged between four and five years. These full-bodied cigars are easily the best pairing for a straight Kentucky Bourbon or Straight Kentucky Rye. 


I hope this list has given you some ideas on what to consider when combining different spirit drinks with your favorite premium cigar. I think over time, you will begin to discover what works best for you, and how to explore the wonderful world of pairings drinks with premium cigars.

Take care, and Cheers Everyone!!