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Welcome to Smokers Discounts!
Our online store offers a wide variety of cigars, filtered cigars, pipe tobacco and roll your own accessories. The best brands on the market are available here and listed at discount prices far lower than the cost of retail stores.

Enjoy a great smoke when you choose from our premium cigar selection.
Featured brands such as AyC cigars, Middleton cigars, Muriel cigars, and Phillies cigars are just a few quality names Smokers Discounts offers. All cigars we carry are guaranteed to be fresh!

Ever tried a Filtered Little Cigar?
If you’re looking for an alternative to the high cost of retail, give a Little Cigar are go. Filtered Little Cigars are wrapped in a micro thin tobacco leaf instead of the standard white fire safe paper. No chemicals, no harsh burning and no smells! Most importantly, Filtered Little Cigars are very … very inexpensive! Each brand is packaged 20 cigars per pack, 10 packs to a carton.

Roll Your Own tobacco is also a great way to save money.

Pick-up one of our top sellers like American Spirit and Bacco Pipe Tobacco. Purchase the Gambler Cigarette Machine and your favorite style of the Gambler Cigarette Tubes (Full Flavor, Light or Menthol). Start making your own, and save money today.

STORE UPDATE:  Our online store has been upgraded and streamlined with a new one page, one process system for all checkouts. This now makes our shopping cart easier and faster for you to place your orders. Major credit cards VISA and Master Card are accepted with every purchase.

Call our Customer Service line today if you have any questions. 1 800 799-8801


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