Roll your own is becoming the best economic trend among thousands of smokers who are looking for ways to save money.  Every day smokers are straying away from their favorite cigarette brands by switching to RYO. The cost is the biggest tipping point. You can save roughly 75% of your money here at Smokers Discounts by making your own over the high prices of premium retail brands. 

It’s overall more beneficial to your wallet . . . and health. The loose tobacco you can obtain along with the papers or filtered tubes provide fewer to no chemical additives. This means purchasing your own rolling tobacco and rolling papers is a healthier alternative to buying traditional cigarettes from the local convenient store down the street. Additionally, the actual taste of loose tobacco and herbs used in roll your own are fresher and defined. This gives each smoke a longer life to every draw allowing the flavor to be stronger as it burns more slowly. 

Here at Smokers Discounts, we offer a great selection of roll your own supplies and products online such as, filtered tubes, injectors, rolling machines, cigarette machines, rolling papers, blunt wraps and other accessories for anyone that wants to save money by switching to RYO. If you want it, we have it, or can get it. Try our online roll your own tobacco store today!